Submit your online application

All our external positions are advertised on the job vacancies page of our website. Read the advertisement and position description to ensure that you fully understand what the role involves and the skills, experience and qualifications required. During the online application process you will be asked to submit your resume, covering letter and answer a short series of questions.

Phone interview

If your application meets the standard requirements of the role you may be contacted for a phone interview. This will be a conversation around your motivation for applying, overview of your previous experience and other role related questions to determine your suitability.

Attend an interview

You may be required to meet with the Hiring Manager along with one or two representatives from AnglicareSA. Depending on the role you are being considered for, you will be asked a series of behavioural based and/or technical questions.

Reference checks

You may be asked to provide the Hiring Manager with contact details of  two professional work related referees. These referees need to be current or previous managers who can attest to your employment period, duties carried out, strengths and work ethic.

Online assessment

For some roles, you may be required to sit an online Personality Profile Assessment. You will be guided through a series of multiple choice questions; there are no tricks or hidden questions, it is simply about answering honestly. The aim of the assessment is to identify competencies, values, reasoning skills and leadership characteristics.

Pre-employment functional capacity assessment

You might be asked to attend a Pre-Employment Functional Capacity Assessment. This assessment is conducted by an independent medical provider and aims to safely match you to the physical demands of the position. Further details of these requirements will be provided once this stage is reached.

National checks and DCSI employment checks

All role holders within AnglicareSA are required to supply a National Police Clearance. Additionally, some roles may require a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion employment clearance prior to commencement.

Offer of employment

Once the recruitment process has been completed and you have been selected as the successful candidate, we will call to make an offer of employment to you and provide you with all the essential information you need to make a decision about accepting an offer of employment with AnglicareSA.