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The Newly-Arrived Youth Service (NAYS) is a specialist Reconnect Service that works with newly arrived young people and their families who have recently moved to Australia within the last 5 years.

The program helps to strengthen the family unit, and support families to address potential barriers that cause conflict, family breakdown and homelessness.

Qualified staff work with young people and their families to resolve conflict, connect them with learning and employment programs, empower them to stay in school when it gets tough and to find somewhere safe to stay if necessary.

The service offers free and confidential support, family mediation and access to other support services.

This specialist service helps newly arrived young people and refugees tackle some of the difficulties that come with settling in a new country.

What our staff can provide

Reconnect Staff are available to provide:

  • Group information sessions in schools
  • Group information session for parents
  • Information sessions for agencies
  • School Holiday Activities
  • Facilitate and promote community based events
  • Support to young people experiencing family relationship breakdown
  • Outreach support
  • Advocacy support

The seven good practice principles

AnglicareSA Reconnect Service follows the seven good practice principles:

  • Accessibility of services
  • Client driven service delivery
  • Holistic approaches to service delivery
  • Working collaboratively
  • Culturally and contextually appropriate service delivery
  • Ongoing review and evaluation; and
  • Building sustainability

Who can access the service

NAYS is for young people who have been in Australia for more than six weeks and less than five years. Eligible clients are aged 12 to 21.

Steps on how to access the service

Individuals and families may contact AnglicareSA directly. Other agencies may also refer.