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Staying strong and active is important to all of us as we age. AnglicareSA’s Health and Wellness Services support you to live life to the full and feel your best at any age.

Activities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, massage and exercise classes boost your vitality and maintain your strength and agility.

Our qualified and registered therapists will help you set and achieve your fitness goals, and find the right services to enhance your well-being.

Who can access the service

Our services are available to anyone over 50. You may receive support from a Government Program for over 65s such as a Home Care Package or the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

What the service costs

Costs vary depending on if you are supported by a government program, utilising a Home Care Package or paying privately. You may be able to claim Health and Wellness Services through your private health insurance and some services are supported by Medicare. Contact our team on 1800 317 009  for our current rates.

Our Health & Wellness Services

At your first visit one of our therapists will provide a thorough individual assessment. Together we will develop your health goals and the best care plan to achieve them.

  • Nursing: Our experienced nurses provide a personalised service by prioritising your needs and preferences into the supports we deliver, such as wound management, medication assistance, health checks, continence education, health education and advice, and diabetes management.
  • Falls Prevention: Step out in confidence. Our Falls Prevention program helps you stay steady on your feet and improve your balance. Boost your joint flexibility, muscle strength and visual stimulation, and enjoy socialising with others in a fun exercise group.
  • Clever Thinkers: Stay sharp as a tack and stimulate your mind with cognitive and mental fitness exercises. Plenty of quizzes, brain teasers, word puzzles and memory games to keep your mind active and enhance your memory.
  • Healthy Hearts: Get your heart pumping with a bit of extra care. This low-to-moderate program develops your endurance and improves your heart health. Exercises include strength, coordination and balance.
  • Hydrotherapy: Work every muscle in our water-based hydrotherapy group and improve your joint mobility, balance and muscle strength. Exercise in the water boosts your physical fitness, and the warm water soothes any sore muscles. Perfect for people living with chronic conditions, are less mobile or recovering from an operation.
  • Parallel Pole Dancing: The best time you’ll have in a gym. This all-over-body workout helps you tone up and feel great. With choreographed dance moves, great music and parallel bars, you won’t need any extra motivation. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously.
  • Breathe Easy: Catching a flight of stairs doesn’t have to feel like climbing Everest. This gentle exercise program helps you manage breathlessness and increase your exercise tolerance. Improve your lung health so you can keep doing the activities you enjoy.
  • Pilates: Improve your posture and movement in this mat-based exercise class. Pilates strengthens and tones your muscles, improves your breathing, enhances your blood flow, and even reduces chronic back pain.
  • Seated Exercise: Stay seated in this exercise group without worrying about balance or weight bearing. Exercises incorporate your whole body in a safe and controlled way and in a fun social setting.
  • Strength and Fitness: Hustle for the muscle at this strength and fitness group, tailored specially for you. This individualised exercise program has the right combination of cardio and strength-based workouts that improve your muscles and increase your fitness.
  • Parkinson’s Program: Join us for a group tailored specifically for people living with Parkinson’s. Live well and enhance your health with the right support and exercises. Our team approach means you’ll have the support of a range of health professionals.

Our Wellness Programs

Sleep better, feel energetic and soothe the stress of everyday life. These wellness options will have you feeling like you’re walking on air.

  • Relaxation Group: Relax your mind and body with deep breathing, muscle relaxation and guided meditation.
  • Chi Ball: Bring balance to your mind, body and spirit through gentle movement
  • Tai Chi: Improve your posture and flexibility and relax your muscles with gentle exercise.
  • Massage: Reduce your muscle tension, maintain flexibility and improve blood circulation.
  • Wax Bath: Relax your muscles, increase circulation and moisturise your skin, and enjoy therapeutic relief from stiffness or pain in your hands.


  • Health & Wellness South

    56 Monmouth Rd
    Westbourne Park, South Australia

    1800 317 009

  • Health & Wellness West

    56 High Street
    Grange, South Australia

    1800 317 009

  • Health & Wellness North

    Playford Boulevard (near clock tower)
    Elizabeth, South Australia

    1800 317 009