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For most of us, Christmas is a time of joy as we come together to show appreciation for those close to us. Gifts are a big part of our Christmas celebrations. Think about a memorable gift you’ve received, what made that gift so special?

The list of items would be endless however the common theme would be the same. The gift is a token of something much deeper, that is thoughtfulness. It shows that someone took the time to think of you and they care.


Your donation is just like the gift you received, which still lifts your spirits, years later, when called to mind. You can bring joy to those in our community who are experiencing disadvantage and hardship.

AnglicareSA invites you to share this feeling by donating to our Christmas appeal.

By providing food security, the most basic of human needs, through your donation you will ensure less South Australian’s go hungry. Enabling our volunteers to meet them where they are at in life, empowering them to stabilise after a crisis, and receive referrals to additional services to help address the underlying issues which have brought them to their current situation.

Your support will ensure we can reach further across South Australia though our Emergency Assistance services in the Adelaide CBD, Elizabeth, Christies Beach, Woodville, Wallaroo, and Whyalla.

By coming together as a community in this way, our most vulnerable community members will know that we do understand their challenges, and that we are committed to working together to overcome local social challenges.

Your donation will be used right now, but just like your amazing gift, the thoughtfulness of your gesture will stay with those you help as a reminder that people do care.

Will you be a part of making this Christmas amazing by making a tax-deductible donation today?

Please donate today and your gift will have a powerful impact on the people with whom we work directly as well as the wider community.

Thank you for helping to change the lives of South Australians families.

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