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KidsAreFirst is a post separation support program for parents and children.

All our services begin with an individual appointment. Follow-up services include group work for parents/caregivers/extended family members, conflict coaching and general on-going individual support for parents. For clients that have attended other services with our program (including the children’s services), we also provide Family Dispute Resolution (mediation), including child inclusive mediation.

The parent group provides a safe and supportive space for parents to share their experiences and challenges, insights and wisdom post separation.

We seek to raise awareness about the emotional impact of separation on children, in particular when there is ongoing conflict between the parents. We explore issues such as parental loss and grief, trust and communication, conflict and emotion and the importance of looking after yourself and making balanced reflective decisions for the sake of your children.

Who can access the service

Any separated or divorced parent is welcome to attend the program; as are new partners, grandparents and other significant people involved in the children’s lives.

Common pathways in to the program include a Family Court orders; recommendations from a lawyer, mediator or family assessor; and voluntary self-referral.

Parents always attend separate parenting groups, with added services such as mediation being optional.

Steps on how to access the service

We are based at Hindmarsh and offer group intake appointments and group programs at Hindmarsh, Elizabeth and Christies Beach.

Clients will attend an intake/assessment interview with one of our case managers or mediators before being registered into a group or starting the mediation process.

To arrange an appointment an initial phone call should be made to the KidsAreFirst Administration officer on 8301 4200.

The costs associated with accessing the KidsAreFirst programs are minimal and concessions are available.