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As AnglicareSA Trott Park aged care site turned 10 years old, Olga, one of three inaugural residents, was also celebrating a decade of memories at the facility.

Olga and her late husband Tom moved into Trott Park immediately after its doors opened in 2009 –they spent around five years together before his passing.

As pioneering residents, the couple were instrumental in sparking the warm and welcoming culture at the home.

“When we first came here – I used to put videos in the common room and get all the residents to come and watch,” she said. “It was nothing for me to put them on and everyone really enjoyed it.”

“Before the trolley came along, Tom and I also ran the shop downstairs – which provided residents with pharmacy goods and other snacks.”

Together, Olga and Tom have shared many of their fondest memories at Trott Park – a highlight being their 50th wedding anniversary.

“There wasn’t one person left out of the celebrations,” she said. “You should’ve seen the size of the cake – we had to make sure everyone got a slice.”

Originally from New South Wales, the couple moved to South Australia after purchasing a house in Aberfoyle Park in 1992.

As Tom’s health deteriorated, they moved into the newly-established Trott Park site.

“We were the very first people upstairs and I remember having choice of all the rooms… we picked 149 and 150 because they had beautiful views.”

Olga opened the blinds to show off her sought-after window view.

“We’ve been here long enough now to see the landscape transform with the highway and new houses being built – it’s been quite entertaining.”

At 89 years old, Olga said her heart condition keeps her a little restless. But she doesn’t let that stop her from getting involved in various activities and talking to family every day.

“I’ve been going to bingo and ladies group,” she said. “We do different things – we have fun talking about families and photos and things like that.”

When asked about her favourite thing about living at Trott Park, Olga replied with “I love everything”.

“The carers are very obliging and helpful in every way and so is everyone – the residents, the nurses, the lifestyle, hospitality and cleaning staff – absolutely everyone.”

“I’m very happy at the moment – I would definitely say this is one of the best nursing homes you could possibly have.”