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The Elizabeth Riders’ Committee (ERC), a partnership between AnglicareSA and the City of Playford, is a group of young people, supported by youth workers, who are passionate about BMX bikes, scooters and skateboards and who act as leaders and drivers for change at the Elizabeth Skate Park.

This fantastic initiative encourages young people to become involved with their local skate park while gaining confidence in their skills.

As part of the ERC program, youth mentors are selected from within the group for their natural leadership skills and passion for community work.

The ERC also runs BMX, scooter, skateboard and scooter maintenance workshops as well as presentations to encourage volunteering.

They present workshops to organisations and local government to advocate for young people’s increased involvement in recreational planning. Workshops take place across South Australia.

The committee up-skills young people and supports them into career pathways. ERC members achieve skills in event management, teaching, presentations, community feedback, first aid and business partnerships.

The ERC has been awarded the 2013 National Local Government Award for Youth Engagement and Participation.

Who can access the service

Young people aged 12 to 20.

Steps on how to access the service

Individuals can contact AnglicareSA directly. Other agencies may also refer.