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AnglicareSA welcomes a new face – Tim Sarah – in 2023 to lead the AnglicareSA Board and Believe Housing Australia (AnglicareSA Housing) Board.

Mr Sarah officiated as Chair of the boards at recent board meetings.

The well-known business leader is an experienced executive and joint managing director of the Sarah Group, which includes the multi-award winning commercial construction company Sarah Constructions.

Think d’Arenberg the Cube in McLaren Vale and currently the $14.9 million Allan Scott Headquarters rising beside the hallowed turf of Alberton Oval.

The 54-year-old is married to Katie Sarah – his “high-school sweetheart” and record-breaking mountaineer and explorer. Mrs Sarah is the first woman in the world to complete ‘The Seven-Seven’ climbs.

Mr Sarah said he has had a “good life” filled with opportunity not afforded most and that his new role at AnglicareSA would allow him to use the skills and experience gained from that good fortune to help others. 

“Life is like a lottery, and sometimes you get winning tickets,” said Mr Sarah.

“I have been lucky to be born into a family that has afforded me opportunities to live a good life.

“I worked hard, but I have enjoyed good fortune.

“So, it creates an obligation on me to try and help people who didn’t get all those lucky breaks and instead got the unlucky breaks.”

Katie and Tim Sarah at Mt Anne Circuit in Tasmania in 2013.

Mr Sarah was 24 years-old when he and cousin James took over the construction company established by their grandfather in 1961.

At the time, Mr Sarah was a Chartered Accountant with an Economics Degree from Adelaide University who’d be working at Ernst & Young – one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms.

AnglicareSA CEO Grant Reubenicht said Mr Sarah’s 30 years of business acumen, his passion for social justice, and his not-for-profit board experience, would be of significant benefit to AnglicareSA and South Australians in need now and in the future.

Mr Sarah said: “It is an honour to be able to be involved in AnglicareSA.

“AnglicareSA is one of the great institutions of the state and for me to be able to play my part is humbling and deeply satisfying.”

The AnglicareSA board stand together.
Tim Sarah – centre, second row, with retiring chair Bruce Linn (right front row) and AnglicareSA board members at the November Annual General Meeting.

Mr Sarah was appointed Chair of the AnglicareSA Board and the Believe Housing Australia (AnglicareSA Housing) Board in November last year following the retirement of Bruce Linn AM after nine years at the helm.

Mr Sarah has served as board member of the Believe Housing Australia (AnglicareSA Housing) Board and as chair of AnglicareSA’s Audit and Risk Committee since 2019 and 2020 respectively.

He has been a member of and led the boards of other not-for-profit organisations in South Australia over the past decade.