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If you’re a single person on income support and looking for a private rental across Adelaide’s metropolitan area, there’s almost no chance you’ll be able to find a house according to the findings of Anglicare’s latest Rental Affordability Snapshot (RAS).

The results of the survey highlighted that of the 3,661 private rentals advertised on the day the snapshot was taken, only 62 or 1.7% were affordable and appropriate for a single person on income support. Only 1,536 or 42% were affordable and appropriate for households on the minimum wage.

AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman said the snapshot showed the massive challenge faced by many people in the community who were trying to access the private rental market in Adelaide.

“This year’s results are not at all surprising. In fact, they are telling us what agencies like AnglicareSA see and hear every day and that’s housing unaffordability is at crisis levels for Adelaide’s low income earners,” Peter said.

“All household types which rely on an income support payment had access to 134 properties or less than 3.6% of the rental market, which is 0.4% lower than when the snapshot was taken in 2016. The concerning and unfortunate reality is that if you’re a person who relies on income support and you want to access the private rental market, then there is very little hope.

“Compounding the problem is that the snapshot found there were also 281 fewer properties on the day we conducted the survey compared to 2016.

“Every single person in our community has the right to live in a place that is suitable to their needs and they can call home. Having a home gives individuals and families security; it improves job opportunities and gives a sense of stability.”

Now in its eighth year, the annual RAS surveys rental properties available in the Adelaide metropolitan area on a given day using listings from The properties are then assessed for affordability and appropriateness for 14 different household types and incomes.

This year’s survey was undertaken on 2 April, 2017.

Peter said South Australia currently has the highest unemployment rate in the nation and with more job losses to come as the manufacturing industry closes, urgent and drastic action should be a top priority for all levels of government.

“We need to be making home ownership easier for individuals and families on lower incomes and this can be achieved by reducing tax concessions for investors, such as capital gains tax and negative gearing,” Peter said.

Further to this, AnglicareSA is calling for a national plan for social and affordable housing, which includes:

  1. Growing the supply of social housing; and
  2. Supply a mix of housing that meets the different needs of people.


Download the South Australian report: SA Rental Affordability Snapshot 2017

The Anglicare nation Rental Affordability Snapshot can be downloaded at