In partnership with the Department for Child Protection, AnglicareSA works with families to support them as they build a safe and nurturing home for their children.

The safety, wellbeing and needs of children and young people is the priority and families are supported to ensure their children are cared for, supported and safe.


Reunification is a planned process of safely returning a child/ren to their home with their family of origin.

The service provides intensive in-home support in the process of safely reconnecting children in out-of-home care with their families.

Family Preservation

Family Preservation works to increase the ability of a child’s birth family to provide a safe and nurturing environment so the child/ren may remain in the family home.

We support the birth family to reduce the possibility of a child/ren being removed from the family home and placed in an alternative care arrangement through intensive in-home interventions.

Who can access the service

Families of Referrals to the service can only be made by the Department for Child Protection, with services being provided across the Adelaide metropolitan area 

Steps on how to access the service

The Department for Child Protection refers families who may benefit from the program. Self-referrals are not accepted.