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Last weekend the Better Places Stronger Communities team was supported by the community to finalise the Place Making activities at The Elizabeth Grove Shops.

In the week leading up to the Working Bee the Playford Men’s Shed supported by the projects group installed three bench seats, Free Grow Cart and chess table and stalls. Urban Virons prepared the holes for the trees, removed old trees and hedged the overgrown plants along the fence line.

The City of Playford donated their line marking team for half a day to mark a disabled car park and the two directional arrows to help people find their way through the car park appropriately.

The Working Bee day was a huge success with approximately 20 community members rolling up their sleeves to help improve the look of their local shops.

We planted 7 trees and mulched all of the garden beds. The cob webs were removed and shops dusted and painted, the fence was cleaned and painted and we had a few young people paint hopscotch in front of the Mural. We lined marked the two ends of the car park using a template made by the Playford Men’s Shed.

The Grow Cart was filled and community have been bringing new items on a daily basis and swapping them for others. It’s great to be a part of Free Grow Cart movement bringing more people to the shops for positive interactions.

The Feedback throughout the week has been incredible with all of the shops owners receiving positive comments about the obvious changes.

Some community members from AnglicareSA units that back onto the shops have taken it upon themselves to clean up the back area of the shops throughout the week clearing a large amount of rubbish and leaf litre and clearing the drains in the area. Being the change they would like to see in the community.

Thank you to all that were involved, The Grove Shops now look clean, fresh, and inviting. Increasing community pride and demonstrating if we try things they might just work!