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At AnglicareSA, we’re all about working together and partnering with you to create positive social impact and change lives.


You’ll see and feel this the moment we warmly welcome you to our Daphne Street centre in Prospect. We’d love the opportunity to sit with you and chat about your little one’s needs and interests. Once we understand what they’re about, we’ll create a great childcare and early learning program that will be fun,  help them explore and allow them to feel right at home.

Our centres are healthy environments in every sense. Diversity is celebrated and, everyone’s respected. The food is fresh and tasty, the playrooms are cheery, the outdoor areas bring out the best in kids, and the air is filled with the kind of laughter we all want to bottle!

If this sounds like the place where your child or children will thrive, let’s catch up over a cuppa, have a chat and a tour of the facilities. You’ll get to meet our teams, see our childcare and early learning programs in action, as well as answer any questions you might have.

“My experience with the centre for the last four years has been nothing short of amazing. Words can’t describe the love, care and overall support my children have received and felt.”
– Soula, Daphne St ELC parent.


Why Choose us?

When you’re looking for that special place where your child will take their first little away-from-home steps, you want wall-to-wall love, laughter and learning, all bundled into one amazing childcare and early learning experience.

Our teams offer that in spades. We know how to connect with your children and, at this important early stage, set them on the path to full, productive and well-lived lives.

Our centre managers and program support officers make sure everything runs smoothly. Our early childhood educators love what they do and teach with real passion. Our chefs enjoy nothing more than quizzing the children for recipe ideas before whipping up tasty meals and family favourites.

Our team

Our team of educators, of course, are the lifeblood of our ELCs and we strive to make sure we have the very best people working with us. That’s when we know your child is getting the best care.

There’s an education leader at each site, a fully qualified early childhood teacher and a group of dedicated educators who are there to help your little one every step of the way.

You’ll be pleased to know we offer the Department of Education’s Early Years Learning Framework curriculum, although we do so in our own special way, guiding your child through a new, fun-filled world of play-based learning and problem-solving that grabs attention and sparks curiosity.

Our team’s modern and innovative approach to early learning and childcare makes sure that everything comes together to help them reach their full potential. Your child is kept active in both body and mind, their emotional wellbeing is supported, and we share an early understanding of the world around them. They appreciate the sunshine and the rain; they learn about the insects and plants in our gardens and what’s important for a healthy life.

Our sustainability focus extends to the kitchen, where our chefs happily discuss menus with your children and get their suggestions before preparing healthy and tasty meals filled with fresh, homegrown ingredients.

Immersive learning, the curriculum

Our curriculum follows the National Early Years Learning Framework, and we create our own unique immersive learning experiences by utilising all the educators skills, culture and special talents.

The term basically means that your child at the centre of all learning activities and you can be sure it is always filled with play, fun, discovery, curiosity, adventure and imagination.

That’s when they grow and thrive. They explore, they gain confidence, they learn how to make decisions and, perhaps most importantly, they begin to understand the difference between danger and risk.

We always work to eliminate danger but through immersive learning, children are encouraged to weigh up what’s risky and then, when comfortable with the degree of risk, to have a go.

When they challenge themselves and do things for the first time, they discover something new – and that’s what learning is all about.

We also see your children as valuable members of society and welcome everyone, regardless of their culture, demographics, abilities or anything else.

They’re all special little people – and when the learning and care they receive sparks their interest and makes them happy, they receive perhaps the greatest gift of all – a passion for lifelong learning.

Playing and learning spaces

The space you play and learn in, especially in your early years, has a profound impact on the learning process.

That’s why at Daphne Street ELCs, created environments that support your children’s development and enhance their learning outcomes. Our imaginative indoor and outdoor learning spaces are filled with equipment, materials and resources that give young minds the confidence to explore and learn in safe and secure yet challenging areas.

They have the chance to interact with people, to play and discover and to build friendships.

Indoors, they will be surrounded by many of the latest education and play resources to keep them interested and allow them to develop new skills.

It’s the same outdoors, where open and covered areas ensure that year-round activity takes place. One day they’ll be out making new friends while hunting for bugs, or building mud castles, and the next day, they’re improving their hand-eye coordination by playing any number of ball games.

Whatever it is, they are challenged and stimulated in a warm, safe and nurturing environment – and that is when the experts tell us the greatest learning and development takes place.

Health, nutrition and food

A healthy body grows – as does a healthy mind – when it is regularly fuelled by fresh and nutritious food.

Each mealtime sees us all sit down together to enjoy dishes freshly and lovingly prepared by our industry-trained chefs who are happy to add a little flair and creativity to meet any dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances.

These stars of the kitchen provide everything from breakfast, morning tea and lunch, to afternoon tea, the occasional snack and even a late supper when required.

Our chefs also encourage your children to share meal ideas and come up with menus that meet the Australian dietary guidelines. That way, they get their daily dose of the five food groups important to their physical and mental development. The carbohydrates are there, along with proteins, dairy products, and fruit and vegetables… all in yummy, carefully packaged meals and snacks.

Mealtimes are wonderful learning opportunities. Your child will discover new tastes and experience dishes from countries and cultures across the world. But more than just sampling these new flavours, they learn a little more about the countries the recipes come from and expand their knowledge base.

And of course finally, rest assured that water, that other must-have for healthy children, is available all throughout the day.

Community and family

Together, we change lives.

At AnglicareSA’s childcare and early learning centres, the ‘we’ includes our educators and other members of our team, you, your family, your other children and the wider community.

Personal connections and meaningful relationships, after all, provide opportunities for learning, sharing, acknowledging and celebrating, and we encourage you to get involved in your child’s learning. We value your thoughts on our curriculum as much as we do your involvement in our many events and get-togethers.

It starts with you completing our ‘All About Me’ questionnaire, where you tell us about your child, their interests at home, their learning habits and what you would like them to achieve during their first six months with us.

Then together, we create a personalised program for your child to suit their needs and set them on a challenging and enriching learning journey. Values, attitudes and life skills are formed to equip them for today and for all of their tomorrows.

We also keep you up to date on progress through a nifty little technology tool called Kinderloop that connects families and educators and shares your child’s activities and the learnings covered each day.

Fee and assistance

It’s reassuring to know that our childcare and early learning centre at Daphne Street in Prospect is an approved childcare providers.

That means when you enrol your child at one of our centres, you might well be eligible for subsidies such as the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

The exact amount you’ll pay in fees depends on several factors. For example, the CCS is based on your family’s income, and level of activity. We also offer a number of sessional charges for families which can help maximise your eligible subsidised hours.

Once you decide you need childcare, it is best to apply for the CCS at your nearest Centrelink office or online at as soon as possible.

Sessions of care
You will find that this benefits can significantly reduce your childcare and early learning costs.

Our sessional care charges are designed to reduce out of pocket costs where families may exhaust their eligible subsidised hours. To determine which session of care would be of most beneficial to you please speak to us on enrolment.

  • Our 10 hour session will run from either 7am to 5pm or 8am to 6pm
    Our 9 hour session will run from 8am- 5pm
    Our full day session will run from 7.00am- 6pm

The fee for each session of care will be the same as a full day charge.


On enrolment, parents must bring their child’s immunisation record to be copied by administration educator. Please ensure you update your record each time your child receives additional immunisation and provide a copy to child care.  Our Child Care Centres have information on recommended immunisation schedules for children and details of local council clinic times.  Parents should also consider having their child immunised against Hepatitis B if this has not been part of their immunisation schedule.

Please discuss this with your family doctor or contact the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for further information.

Women who may be planning another pregnancy should be aware of the increased exposure to childhood illnesses that may arise from attendance at child care. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor.

Following changes to the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 (the Act), from 7 August 2020, children will not be able to enrol in or attend early childhood services unless all immunisation requirements are met.  For more info please visit SA Health.

Assessment and Rating

We are committed to providing you and your child with the highest standards of care, support and learning. We constantly strive to improve and bring the best of childcare and early learning in the South Australian sector.

As such, both our centres participate in the National Quality Standard system which is governed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). This body seeks to raise the quality of childcare and early learning and achieve consistency across all services within the sector.

In addition, we are constantly reviewing our own practices and working at staying ahead of the curve in the way we offer learning and care across both our centres.

Centre Handbooks

Want to know more? You can download the Daphne St Centre Handbook for complete information on all of our centre’s policies.

Download Handbook


“Now two-and-a-half years old, our son has been cared for by diligent and thoughtful people who’ve carefully considered his needs, allergies, development milestones and helped him enjoy his independence away from home.”
– Jen, Daphne St ELC parent


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