What the service offers

Wanslea Early Learning & Child Care Centre is situated in the eastern suburbs and has the capacity to educate and care for 90 children per day from birth to school age.

Educators work in partnership with families and management to provide high quality educational programs that are stimulating and lots of fun. Child care is so much more than taking care of children, meeting their physical needs and keeping them busy, and at Wanslea we care about your child’s emotional well-being.

We provide a stimulating environment, catering for the educational needs of young children so that they reach their full potential in a play based learning environment.

Our Programs

Our programs focus on the competent child and are play based. These programmes are formulated on information gathered from home on the ‘All About Me’ form. This form is filled in by the parent and informs the educator about the interests the child has at home, their learning disposition and what the family would like the child to achieve in the next 6 months.

This provides an opportunity for conversations to occur between the focus educator and the family; thereby providing the child with high quality experiences. Each child is individually programmed for and a portfolio of their educational journey at Wanslea is kept during their time here. Families are welcome to view these at any time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our teams are made up of educators that are highly experienced and passionate
  • Our educational programmes are offered based on observations by the focus educators along with input from each family
  • We have an Educational Leader and also a teacher who both support and mentor the educators on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) curriculum
  • Our qualified chef creates menus that are thoughtfully planned to cater for each child’s nutritional needs. These meals are readily adapted to suit cultural or medical preferences
  • All nappies and bed linen are supplied
  • Home routines are followed wherever possible
  • We have a strong focus on multiculturalism
  • We have large open natural outdoor spaces
  • We offer Universal Access for Preschool

Our Philosophy


At Wanslea we:

  • Recognise that each child is unique and has individual needs
  • Make a commitment to realising and developing the potential of each individual
  • Provide an environment that’s free from bias
  • Commit to continuous improvement in our practices, learning and environments
  • Have a commitment to quality early childhood education utilising the Early Years Learning Framework to promote learning, problem solving and curiosity in a play based environment.
  • Commit to sustainability and look towards creating an environment that teaches our community about ways to care for our environment
  • Respect the individual needs of staff and provide a supportive environment for their professional and personal needs
  • Deliver open, honest and respectful communication to all those within our centre
  • Respect the cultures of all those who are part of our community and appreciate the diversity that this brings
  • Welcome parent participation and feedback

Who can access the service

  • Children aged from six-weeks-old to school age.

Steps on how to access the service

Families can contact AnglicareSA directly. Other agencies may also refer.


2017 Quality Improvement Plan [QIP]