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“This solo exhibition represents the achievement through my own life’s trials and tribulations,” says Bianca Bampton.

“It is proof to my children that their Mum can achieve her dreams alongside her disability.” 

The AnglicareSA Support Coordination Team has been supporting mother-of-two Bianca to navigate her NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan and ensure continued access to an art group to foster her passion and obvious talents.

The result was her first solo exhibition Urban Animals – an amazing and whimsical collection of works featured at her favourite coffee spot, the Hawker Street Café in Bowden, as part of August’s South Australian Living Artists Festival. 

Bianca’s art hangs on display.

“Art is my passion and I use it for relaxation, distraction and as a sanity tool,” Bianca says. “I use animals in my pictures doing human activities with a twist of humour and irony to create Lewis Carroll-type characters. 

“I hope they put a smile on viewers’ faces like they do for me, they help me get through the hard days and tough times.” 

With art flowing through Bianca’s veins – both her Mum and Nanna were artists – her drawings start out with pencil before the layers are added through markers, watercolour, and finer black detailing.

Each piece taking anywhere from six to 15 hours to complete.

“The themes of my work are very personal to me,” Bianca explains. “For example, the hares in the boxing ring represent my mental health issues and the constant battle within.

Bianca’s art hangs on display.

“Then there’s the rhinos playing hopscotch but under the cover of an umbrella – which to me represents conservation and the environment.”

After trying to navigate the NDIS and manage her plan on her own, Bianca turned to AnglicareSA and Customer Engagement Officer Vicki for some help.

Working with Bianca to support her through her NDIS plan management has allowed her to feel free and spend more time on the things that bring her joy.

“I see the benefits – I do have a smile on my face.

“This has given me structure and a dream to achieve more, and I can look to explore other opportunities.

“I want to enter the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize through the SA Museum next year. Maybe set up at markets, or even look into illustrating children’s books.

“Anything is possible.”