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When the eldest of Lidia’s three foster children turned 18, she supported him make his own choices about where he wanted to live.

He chose to remain at home with Lidia and her family.

That was three years ago.

Originally from the African nation of Burundi, foster carer Lidia moved to Adelaide 16 years ago and wanted to open her loving family home to children in need.

“Sometimes kids can find themselves in challenging situations and they want things to change,” Lidia says. “They can, when they are given the opportunity – that’s what pushed me in the first place to become a carer.”

It was 13 years ago when three siblings – a boy who was eight-years-old at the time, his sister aged six and their younger brother, then aged three – moved in with Lidia, who was supported by AnglicareSA.

Her family, including her sons – then aged seven and 16 – were ready, willing, and welcoming of the challenge of helping children in need.

“You settle as you go, and you work together as a family,” says Lidia.

 “I have seen the transformation … when they first came to now.”

While the middle child of the three siblings – the sister – initially moved out with friends after turning 18, Lidia says the strong bond remained between them all and she has since returned to live with the family once again.

“The oldest, when he turned 18, I told him he could now make a choice about where he wanted to live,” says Lidia enabling him to explore his thoughts, wishes and future possibilities.

“He said: ‘the other boys still live here. Why would I want the leave?’ and it made me a little teary. We are family. My two adult boys are still at home at age as well.”

With the help of AnglicareSA’s foster support services team, Lidia says being a foster carer is simply in her nature.

“The heart that I had before is still in me – I will continue to do what is right.”

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