AnglicareSA’s child care centres are non-profit day care centres that provide high-quality education programs for up to 70 children per day. 

Our Daphne Street Centre is located on the same site as our Autism-Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC), which is designed to support children with autism and their families.

We understand that each child is an individual with their own interests, culture, strengths and abilities and that our centres will deliver an appropriate educational program to fit the interests, strengths and abilities of each child.

Message From the Centre Manager

Our centre here at AnglicareSA Daphne Street child care & autism specific early learning centre is a not-for-profit centre which houses two services, and provides the education and care of all children.

I have been the Manager at Daphne Street since 2013, when the site underwent a renovation. Since being at the centre, we have maintained our focus upon environmental respect, sustainable practice, nature play and culturally diverse practices. I have challenged the educators to rethink their practices and have even encouraged them to wipe out as much plastic from our centre as possible.

The results have been amazing and nowadays we can find children playing with items that have been used before, to be outside in the sun and the rain. Alongside their friends from varying cultures, planting plants, recycling items or picking fresh berries from the bushes. We love to watch each child’s self-discovery, wonder and awe for their learning environment.

Our journey has just begun here at Daphne Street; we envision maintaining a career-long commitment to making our service and our place within the community a respectful one; alongside our natural environment, as valued community participants and actively engaging in providing more sustainable practices for our world.

I personally, have great pride in our customer service and will always prefer to show a new family around our service, rather than just assigning them a waiting list application to fill out. I believe that the personal connection with a child’s family is the best way to develop the sense of belonging for your child.

So please, feel welcome to come for a look through our service and I will be more than happy to bring you on a tour of Daphne Street and answer all of your questions.

-Brooke Spencer 

Why Choose Us?

  • We pride ourselves on building strong relationships within our local community, with our families and between our educators, staff and children. We hold many events across the calendar year to bring our families, children, staff and community together.
  • Staff retention at Daphne Street is high and children feel safe in the knowledge that their educators will be here for them when they come in each day.
  • Our daily/weekly fees incorporate nappies, food, sunscreen and bedding.
  • The centre employs qualified early childhood educators, a full-time teacher and Certificate 3 educators, a cook, administrator and a steady pool of casual educators. All staff at AnglicareSA Daphne Street are dedicated in providing high quality care and education to children from 6 weeks to school age.
  • The centre employs an industry trained cook who is responsible for providing morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late supper for the children. The centre cook is also responsible for the planning of a six-week rotating menu which incorporates different flavours and textures from an array of cultures around the world. We do our best to cater to all dietary requirements, allergies and food intolerances.
  • Our children have the opportunity of participating in the centre menu by planting, maintaining and picking the ripe, organic produce from our vegetable gardens and bringing them to our cook for the days lunch.
  • We have beautiful outdoor spaces for the children to engage in outdoor play, all year round.
  • We are sun smart and allergy aware.
  • We have access to supports from specialist staff with expertise in speech, occupational & behaviour therapy.
  • We have a partnership with GuidedogsSA/NT, who regularly bring the younger dogs in training to our centre for some exposure training.

Who can access the service

Children aged from six-weeks-old to school age.

Steps on how to access the service

Families can contact AnglicareSA directly. Other agencies may also refer.