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What the service offers

Finding employment can be difficult as a young person.

Transition to Work is an intensive support service that provides pre-employment support to young job seekers to improve their work-readiness and help them into work (including internships, apprenticeships and traineeships) or education.

The service focuses on harnessing young people’s talents; building on their skills; developing their confidence and resilience; and creating job opportunities through mentoring and coaching.

Transition to Work supports young people by:

  • Developing life skills relevant to gaining employment/practical skills to get a job
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Work experience and voluntary work opportunities
  • Access to local job opportunities
  • Access to local community services.
  • Employability and skills workshops
  • Ongoing support whist you are undertaking an approved activity such as study, apprenticeship or traineeship

Information for Employees

The Transition to Work team believes it’s pivotal to match the right employee with the right employer.

We provide a personalised service that gives employers ongoing support and access to skilled applicants to ensure the program is a beneficial and worthwhile investment.

In addition we also provide:

  • Pre-employment skills for participants
  • Work experience placements for eligible participants to assess a young person’s suitability for a job
  • Internship placements for structured volunteer work experience including a $1,000 payment for employers
  • Wage subsidies for eligible young people
  • Post placement support to ensure a young person is supported and meeting their employer’s expectations

Who can access the service

We receive referrals of eligible young people from the Australian Government Department of Human Services and jobactive agencies.

Steps on how to access the service

Young people can connect through jobactive providers, Centrelink, community networks or schools.


Transition to Work Service Delivery Plan – Participants

Transition to Work Service Delivery Plan – Employers