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Four-year-old Holly is just one of the amazing people with autism AnglicareSA supports.

Holly and her family make an almost 90-minute round trip each day to attend AnglicareSA’s Daphne Street Autism-Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC) but mum Denise says it’s well worth the trip.

“We were apprehensive about travelling because it takes us about 40 minutes each way, but it’s been so worth it and we wouldn’t change a thing,” she says.

“Holly has come so far and the support we’ve had from Daphne Street with the workshops and getting together to set her goals and things like that, has been above and beyond my expectations.”

Denise says many people look at autism as a negative or a behavioural problem.

“People think the child just has something wrong with them. They don’t understand the deeper meaning of it and how to work around it and the different supports they need.

“People look at autism like there’s something wrong but it’s just a different way the brain works and they’re amazing people just like the rest of us.”

Today, 2 April, marks World Autism Awareness Day and the beginning of World Autism Month. AnglicareSA is working hard to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism.

Graeme and Hellen have two sons – five-year-old twins Peter and Joel – currently at the Daphne Street ASELCC. They say they’d be lost without the support of the centre’s educators.

Joel playing with one of the Daphne Street ASELLC educators.

“I have no idea what we’d do without them, they’ve been everything to us the over last couple of years,” says Graeme.

“They just work so much on the goals for the children so they can learn to help themselves and become more independent.”

The centre has experienced staff, qualified in the areas of allied health, education, and early learning services. AnglicareSA Manager Early Learning Programs Grace Frost says the centre provides high-quality early intervention, specialist education and care for autistic children.

“We work closely with families provide them and their children with the support they need to thrive,” she says.

“Our team of allied health professionals and educators are passionate about using our play-based curriculum and holistic support to support families and their children.”

To learn more about AnglicareSA’s ASELCC, click here.