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Establishing partnership agreements between AnglicareSA and universities and other education institutes is helping deliver more streamlined student placements and a future workforce.

Supun Hasthimuni joined AnglicareSA this year as the Volunteer and Student Placement Coordinator, tasked with the coordination of allied health students as well as more than 300 volunteers across the organisation.

That work, he said, continues to deliver strong results for AnglicareSA.

“Our partnership agreements enable us to schedule placements that will, over time, build a pipeline of talent that will address our staffing requirements,” he said.

“The students are part of our non-essential workforce; however, they do contribute to the practice side of our operations and in turn we can scope the talent and recruit allied health professionals.

“It’s also a win for those partnering universities and institutes as to highlighting the employability of their graduates.”

Supun came to Australia from Sri Lanka in 2013, studied communications in Melbourne, and worked as a freelance magazine writer.

A desire to branch out and being influenced by lived experiences, he moved to Adelaide to study social work at Flinders University and embarked on a career in the not-for-profit sector.

This year, that brought him to his current role with AnglicareSA where he also sees firsthand the impact of our tireless volunteers.

“Volunteers are a critical part of what we do across our many different programs,” he said. “Not only do they contribute directly to service delivery in various capacities, but they are also an extension of AnglicareSA values and rally like minds to care for our community.

“Beyond that, they bring so much positivity and kindness to the sites and programs which wouldn’t be the same without them.”

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