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Before arriving at AnglicareSA Brompton exceptional needs residential facility 12 months ago, 48-year-old Maree** had experienced life’s most tragic circumstances.

Born into a world of chaos, Maree had experienced domestic violence, family suicide and child sexual abuse from a young age.

Sadly, her life did not get any better. Overwhelmed with trauma, Maree initially tried to take her own life. And as she got older, drugs became her coping mechanism – her best friend. 

Now, Maree has found safety and stability within her AnglicareSA Brompton home and community.

Still requiring cigarettes and medication to provide her with some control of her life, she loves her weekly shopping outings with a care worker.

“While Maree has a limited attention span due to drug-related brain injury and struggles with group activities, her sweet nature sees her connecting with others,” AnglicareSA Brompton Assistant Care Manager Corinne Shawcross said.

“We always remind her that she is such a beautiful soul and how lucky we are to have her as part of our Brompton family.”

Maree has a great sense of humour and her constant desire “to be loved for who she is” sits deep within her psychological and physical scars. She requires much support in order to maintain her positive thinking.

One day, Maree told AnglicareSA staff she “dreamed of being a super model” and “to be beautiful for one day so people would love her”.

Maree’s dream coming to life

With this in mind, staff went all out to create an unforgettable day for Maree.

“We took on the challenge and made it happen,” Corinne said.

“We took Maree shopping to find a new outfit, had a staff member style her hair, and got a make-up artist and photographer together for a special day to tick off her bucket list.”

In the weeks leading up to the photoshoot, Maree was so excited she’d mention the upcoming event to staff several times a day.

When the day eventually arrived, she got to live her dream.

Maree was amazed with her ‘Supermodel’ makeover

“While getting her makeup done, Maree announced that ‘no one had ever done anything nice for her’ – it had us all fighting back tears.”

“Maree is so beautiful both inside and out and we remind her every day,” Corrine said.

“Her story is just one of many broken angels who we love supporting to heal and learn to fly again.”

**Name has been changed

Why we decided to share Maree’s story

We are grateful to Maree for providing us with permission to share her story.

 It’s a kind reminder that beauty can be unlocked from within all of us and that everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, despite the unfortunate and tragic circumstances that may have consumed their past. 

At AnglicareSA, we remain passionate in supporting and caring for those experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage, and treasuring everyone as invaluable members of our wider community. As we bring something to people’s lives, they always bring something to ours.