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In November 2020, the team at our Brompton aged care home saw the residents safely through a COVID-19 outbreak. This quick and effective response undoubtedly saved lives.

AnglicareSA Brompton is home to disadvantaged aged residents who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

When notified that two colleagues had unknowingly exposed the site to the virus, the team at Brompton acted swiftly and competently to put months of planning and preparation into practice.

They worked tirelessly to support the residents and each other through what was a gruelling lock-down, enduring regular 48 hour testing, the wearing of full PPE, and extended shifts to enable continuity of care.

Through all of this they ensured spirits stayed high.

The virus was contained to four employees and zero residents – a fact which speaks volumes for the team’s dedication to infection control.

“I just want to say thank you to the team and what a relief it is that the outbreak is now declared over. The safety of the staff and residents has always been paramount, and they’re all doing well.”

Shirley Essex, AnglicareSA Brompton Senior Manager

The Brompton Team, together with AnglicareSA’s Site Response Team and Outbreak Management Team worked to ensure the response was coordinated, effective and conducted with compassion for those in their care.

The team’s efforts were nothing short of extraordinary.

We thank all of our aged care teams for everything they’ve done during the pandemic to safeguard our older population.