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The journey into homeownership can prove difficult for anyone wishing to break into the housing market.

For Susan, a single mother of 14 children – nine of who are under the age of 18 and still living at home – finding a suitable home on the market large enough for her family was an added challenge.

However, Susan recently became a first-time homeowner, after purchasing the community housing property her family has been living in for the past 12 years.

“It feels great to own a home – I feel more whole.”

Originally hailing from Congo, Susan arrived in Australia on a humanitarian visa as a refugee.

Upon her arrival, she was able to be provided support through AnglicareSA’s humanitarian settlement program through short-term accommodation, before being provided with a long-term housing trust in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

When AnglicareSA took over management of the Better Places Stronger Communities (BPSC) initiative in Adelaide’s north in October 2015, Susan became an AnglicareSA Housing tenant.

With support from our Housing Options Coordinator, Ali Akbarpour, Susan was able to buy her home.

AnglicareSA Housing Options Coordinator, Ali Akbarpour, congratulated Susan on the new home with flowers.

“It is not a big gap paying the mortgage and it’s been very good for us,” said Susan.

Balancing homeownership with single motherhood is a group effort, as Susan enlists the assistance of her children to help when it comes to the maintenance of their home.

“I want to do some renovations, and I have some very strong family who can all help”

Susan also encourages her children to enter the workforce to help support the family when they’re of the right age to do so.

“As soon as they’re 14, I encourage them to get jobs and keep themselves busy.”