Anglicare SA

What the service offers

The kits are provided to homes of new arrivals living in AnglicareSA housing to make their house feel like a home – a bit like a housewarming party in a box. They provide household items including dishes, home wares, photo frames and art.

Who can access the service

The Refugee Home Maker Kits are provided to new arrivals through the Refugee Housing program. This is an internal project and not accessible to external organisations or individuals. Everyone is welcome to collect items to make a Refugee Home Maker kit.

Download the Refugee Homemaker Kit Poster to get your group involved.

Steps on how to access the service

  • Collect together items on the recommended list
  • Place items safely in a box and seal.
  • Attach the completed label to the top of the box.
  • Contact Jill Rivers to arrange collection.