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Refugee Homemaker Kits are given to new arrivals who move into AnglicareSA housing, turning a new house in an unfamiliar country into a home.

These kits are a welcome gift, a help-settle-in-favour, a practical present and a way of saying “welcome home.”

What’s in a Refugee Homemaker Kit?

  • Food storage container with lid
  • Serving tray
  • Fruit bowl
  • Casserole/glass dish
  • Coasters/placemats
  • Vase/ornament
  • Cushion
  • Knitted blankets/throw rug
  • Family sized tea pot
  • Shopping bags (Material)

How can I be involved

Your church, school, friends, organisation and community can be involved as individuals or as a team.

When thinking of giving, please select items you would be happy to have in your own home.

We welcome Refugee Homemaker Kits throughout the year, and we are greatly appreciative of your support to our newly arrived residents.

Who can access the service

The Refugee Home Maker Kits are like a little housewarming party in a box – and anyone can join in!

Steps on how to access the service

  • Collect together items from the recommended list above
  • Place items safely in a box and seal.
  • Attach the completed label to the top of the box.
  • Contact Jill Rivers to arrange collection.

Please contact Jill Rivers – Parish Community Engagement Worker to find out more.

Phone: 0488 589 053 or Email: [email protected]