AnglicareSA has welcomed the State Government’s announcement that 4000 public housing properties will be transferred to Tier 1 community housing providers.

CEO Peter Sandeman said AnglicareSA is a strong advocate for affordable community housing and the latest transfer announcement means more individuals and families on low incomes will have access to affordable homes.

It will also provide opportunities for the renewal of many of the properties, which will ultimately improve the quality of the accommodation for tenants.

AnglicareSA Housing successfully tendered for 479 properties in the Elizabeth Grove and Elizabeth Vale area as part of the first round of transfers in late 2015,” Peter said.

“Since the transfer, AnglicareSA has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from tenants in terms of the improvements made to their properties, the services offered and the response to maintenance requests.

“Our vision when we took over management of these properties was to create an engaged, vibrant and safe community with proud tenants, and we’re already noticing this vision becoming a reality.

“AnglicareSA Housing is well and truly part of the Elizabeth Grove and Elizabeth Vale area. We have developed strong personal relationships with our tenants to ensure that we meet their needs and support them in being part of their local community.”

As a Tier 1 community housing provider AnglicareSA Housing will be applying to manage some of the 4000 properties to be transferred.

“We see this as an excellent opportunity to provide current and new tenants with tenancy, property and asset management services, but it’s also an opportunity for an agency such as AnglicareSA to assist with community development,” Peter said.

“Tenants would have access to a range of AnglicareSA services should they need it at any stage and we’re always listening to and taking on board their suggestions when it comes to different initiatives and improvements.”