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AnglicareSA receives a number of referrals from customers who have received an NDIS plan but do not understand what options and services are available for them. 

AnglicareSA’s NDIS Customer Engagement Team are the first point of contact for new customers wanting to access AnglicareSA services. 

Sometimes their support for customers is very short term (weeks) and other times they may support customers for much longer (years) depending on the type of support a customer needs.

“I don’t know what we would have done if you had not come along Irene — thank you.”

Jane, Scott’s Mum

Scott’s Story

“My name is Scott, I am 15 ½ years old I am the only child. I live with my mum Jane, my father left us when I was 3 years old and has not had contact since.

My mum is a full time carer and supports me with all of my needs, including socialisation, communication and self-care. I love listening to music; I have a good sense a humour and love playing jokes on my mum.

In the last couple of years I have suffered severe anxiety and struggled to leave my mums side and get out of the house. I would like to communicate well so that people understand me and learn to socialise with others. One day, I would like to participate out in the community and get a job and help mum.”

A Mother’s Perspective

“Scott received his first plan in February 2018. I contacted many organisations for them to help me understand what supports, services and options were available to Scott but for some reason I became unhappy and lost hope and felt that there were no options out there for my son. 

My son did not receive services from the previous specialist support coordinator and there were no funded services arranged. Three months later, my son and I were at risk of losing our tenancy. A friend referred me to AnglicareSA and helped connect me to the Support Coordination team.

Irene, one of the Specialist Support Coordinators had visited me and Scott at home and instantly explained the plan to me and the support options available to Scott. “

Receiving Specialised Support

In the first two weeks of receiving specialised support from AnglicareSA, Irene, Scott and Jane worked together and we were able to:

  • Continue to sustain Jane’s tenancy by simply organising a house clean and assisting her to understand the paperwork required to complete.
  • Receive in home respite support for Scott.
  • Submit a report to the NDIS which enabled them to complete the NDIS plan review without having the second appointment.
  • Discuss the range of in home therapeutic services available to Scott.
  • Help Jane understand more about the NDIS, which assisted her to commence the first steps in applying for an NDIS package for her own supports.