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Following a long career as a registered nurse, Robyn (76) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Despite working in the aged care sector for a number of years, Robyn and her husband Ian were still unaware of the range of supports available today until they came across AnglicareSA aged care services.

Through accessing the Commonwealth Health Support Programme and more recently a Home Care Package with AnglicareSA, Robyn has received allied health services such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and pilates classes, as well as in-home care services such as cleaning and showering support.

“The AnglicareSA staff have been fantastic to her – all the help and support they’ve given her anytime she needs something.

“The ladies who come and clean the house – they’re brilliant.”

“As a nurse, Robyn used to come home with lots of stories. But when it hits home, it’s a bit harder.”

With the right support, Ian and Robyn are taking on the battle against Parkinson’s together.

Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Robyn’s mobility and balance has been impacted. The biggest scare came around six months ago when she took a fall, badly injuring herself — breaking her nose and ribs.

She has since had a hip replacement and recovered well, arguably due to her good level of fitness as a result of a Transitional Care Program and further allied health exercises.

Ian has been by her side through her journey. He said that AnglicareSA’s support to help them receive funding and services has not only enabled Robyn to combat the daily challenges, but helped ease the financial burden of managing her health.

“While it’s not a lot of money, every little bit helps,” he said.

“I’ve been retired for 20 years, so financially it would be a lot tougher.”

Robyn loves getting active and social at the AnglicareSA Playford allied health gym.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Robyn is enjoying getting back into her ‘Healthy Hearts’ classes and other gym work at AnglicareSA Playford’s allied health centre. While she values what it does for her fitness and confidence, she also cherishes socialising with other community members and AnglicareSA staff.

“We’re back doing gym work, getting on the parallel bars and other exercises,” Robyn said.

“I’m working towards getting back into the pilates classes – they’re a bit harder but I really enjoy them.”

Despite the circumstances, Robyn and Ian have such a gracious view on life saying they feel “very fortunate” for all the supports.

Their goal is to have Robyn enjoying life at home for as long as possible.

“Robyn’s been active and working all her life,” Ian said.

“She was a lion, and still is a lion.”