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During the past 12 months, our Emergency Assistance services have supported more than 7,500 households experiencing crisis.

AnglicareSA is calling for South Australians to dig deep post-Christmas.

Growing demand for emergency relief services and limited capacity means people are being turned away from vital services.

AnglicareSA conducts a biannual Turn Away Census to assess the level of need across Adelaide.

During the November 2018 census week, 221 people received emergency assistance across five metro AnglicareSA sites with a further 72 people turned away without receiving assistance.

The team of volunteers at AnglicareSA Elizabeth Mission provide around 100 free hot meals daily.

The greatest degree of unmet need remains in Adelaide’s north, which makes up 64 per cent of all turn-aways from emergency assistance sites.

“Despite the best efforts of AnglicareSA and other agencies, sadly there is still an overwhelming number of people presenting in need of assistance,” said AnglicareSA General Manager Community Services, Nancy Penna.

“The census results highlight a shortfall in the social services available in SA to satisfy the most basic and urgent needs of vulnerable members of our community.”

Client Snapshot:

Three years ago Mary and her son were left homeless after domestic and family violence forced them out. The AnglicareSA Emergency Assistance team were able to listen to Mary, and provide her with assistance and referrals. She has since transitioned from living in a motel to securing permanent accommodation with her son back at school and only requiring minimal assistance.

Inadequate income to meet rental payments and other increasing costs of living are continuing to drive people to AnglicareSA sites for emergency relief.

The 2018 Turn Away Census report suggests the stats are “likely to be an underestimation of the actual number of people turned away”.

In tackling the issue, AnglicareSA is continuing to work in partnership with the community to support those in need, especially during the summer season.

“Our Elizabeth Mission provides free meals to around 100 people daily and this can ramp up to around 250 during the Christmas holiday season – this is a free service thanks to our dedicated volunteers, and food and financial donations,” Ms Penna said.

“The new AnglicareSA Magdalene Centre in the CBD, which consolidates our previously spread city services under the one roof, is another example of our major effort to support those who are vulnerable and experiencing hardship.”

Client Snapshot:

Colleen was thrown out of her home of 30 years and has been living in a car since. Unaware of any support services for considerable time, Colleen eventually came to the Magdalene Centre and was assisted immediately with food, blankets, clothes and referrals. She also received information on affordable food, free meals and other supports before she secures a new home.

AnglicareSA’s emergency assistance sites offer fresh and frozen foods, groceries, clothing assistance, housing advice, financial counselling services, and referrals to connect clients to appropriate services.

The AnglicareSA Christmas Appeal is an opportunity for those of us in the community who can afford it to dig deep and donate what they can to our vital emergency relief programs.

The appeal runs until the end of January, giving everyone a chance to donate beyond Christmas and throughout the holiday season to emergency assistance programs.

Donations can be made to support people like Colleen and Mary via our Christmas Appeal.