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Eva and her sweetheart Bob have been married for 61 years and their mutual love and affection is still obvious.

Eva has lived with crippling arthritis for many years and is in constant pain as a result. As her condition worsened, Bob gradually picked up the chores around the house and, even though Bob would never say it, he eventually took on the role of Eva’s carer.

A number of people commented to Bob that he ought to get some help around the house.

“I was resentful at first,” Bob said. “I felt as though people were saying that I was not doing a good job around the house and that they were trying to interfere.”

“Putting home care services in place felt like it might be an intrusion.”

Around the same time, Bob was put in contact with Julie, an AnglicareSA Home Care Service Advisor. Bob said he and Julie had a few conversations and he found that she was someone he could talk to.

“Julie explained everything to me in a way that I understood, she never used jargon and I was comfortable with her,” Bob said. “She did an amazing job of matching a worker with Eva.”

Sonia was the AnglicareSA Personal Care Worker who came into Bob and Eva’s home. Bob said as soon as he heard Sonia and Eva giggling together, he knew it was a good match.

“Sonia just fits with us,” Bob said. “And between Sonia and Julie, we are well looked after. I have now learnt that having Home Care services is not an intrusion. It’s a big help.”

Sonia said she sometimes gets a kiss from Eva – and occasionally Eva cheekily takes her ponytail out of its hairband while she’s supporting her.

“When I come into Eva and Bob’s home, there are clear professional boundaries,” Sonia said. “But I can still be myself. We have a laugh and a joke, and Eva is very playful!”

For Bob, he said the best part about having Sonia come into their home has been watching Eva open up to Sonia. Eva and Sonia sit and chat while Bob goes out and apparently this is when the “real chatting” happens.

“If I run into someone I know while I’m out, I can stop and say hello now,” Bob said. “I feel secure knowing that Sonia is with Eva.”