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The refurbishment of the Elizabeth Grove Office demonstrates the commitment pledged by AnglicareSA to offer a safer, more flexible and purpose-built space for BPSC Tenant Services and the BPSC Community.

The expansion of the existing tenancy into the adjoining tenancy enabled the creation of a safe, flexible and appropriate workspace in the Elizabeth Grove transfer parcel area.

The Elizabeth Grove Office further includes a purpose-built community space that may hold onsite meetings and activities, allowing other programs to offer services from this site. The added spaces and facilities available to the BPSC Community should also see an increase in AnglicareSA’s capacity by utilising the expanded meeting rooms and community space. This expansion aims to see an increase in programme participation.

The space has further increased AnglicareSA’s footprint in the existing local shopping complex, with the potential for vast growth of AnglicareSA services in and around the area.