Because of the nature of Home Care services and the impact carers have on customers’ lives, strong connections are often forged between customer and carer.

One such connection is that between AnglicareSA Home Carer, Karen, and her customer, Judy. Their bond is built on a solid foundation of mutual affection and respect.

Karen and Judy were paired at a time when they were both learning. Judy, who lives with Parkinson’s, was learning to accept that she needed some support at home. Karen was learning the role of Personal Care Worker after completing the required course.

One of the defining moments in their relationship occurred soon after they met.

“Judy had lost a lot of weight,” Karen said. “As she was walking through the shopping centre on this particular day, with the support of a walker, her pants kept falling down over her hips.”

“All I could do was walk alongside Judy and hold the waistband of her pants. We got a lot of funny looks and giggled all the way home.”

“After that, we just clicked,” Judy said.

Karen said that Judy’s attitude to people and life is amazing. “Judy is still Judy, her illness doesn’t change that,” Karen said. “Judy has taught me so much. She has taught me about her illness and how to care for her.”

“We teach each other,” Judy added.

Since their initial pairing Karen and Judy have developed a routine that involves Karen supporting Judy in a variety of daily activities, from Personal Care to Transport Services.

AnglicareSA’s Home Care team supports older people to be as independent as possible in their own homes. More than 170 staff provide flexible, personalised services that give customers choice and control.