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Media statement: AnglicareSA welcomes State Government’s Future Directions for Homelessness

AnglicareSA welcomes the State Government’s Future Directions for Homelessness paper, which aims to reform our response to homelessness and better serve South Australians doing it tough.

This announcement comes at a pivotal time for vulnerable South Australians. It is an opportunity to reshape how our state, and our sector, approaches homelessness, moving from a point of constant crisis to a sustained a focus on prevention and stability.

We stand ready to continue our work with the Government, along with our sector colleagues, to create an effective system, which priorities prevention, a ‘Housing First’ approach through rapid rehousing and appropriate support for those experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.

Through working together, we will best assist individuals and families into safe, stable housing solutions, build their resilience, and reduce their risk of slipping back into homelessness.