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A new survey from Anglicare Australia has revealed that the boosted COVID-19 income support payment has halved the number of people living on less than $7 a day after paying rent.

The economic impact of COVID-19 in South Australia will be felt for many years unless welfare payments are increased and sustained.

The economic situation in South Australia means recovery may well be slower than in other parts of Australia and therefore unexpected post COVID-19 welfare dependence for many South Australians will last longer.

The cessation of JobKeeper and the inadequate level of JobSeeker after March mean many South Australians will be further impoverished and for some families the impact will be inter-generational.

COVID-19 has resulted in more people than ever before relying on government payments to simply survive.

We know that when people have enough money to live with dignity, they are better placed to find work.

If we are serious about supporting people and building a strong and sustainable economy, those out of work must be provided a liveable income and jobs must be created at all skill levels.