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AnglicareSA’s Trott Park and Elizabeth East Residential Aged Care sites have joined with the University of South Australia in a research project focusing on dementia care. 

Titled Critical Dementia Pathways: Transforming Dementia Care, the UniSA project is being conducted in collaboration with the Rosemary Bryant AP Research Centre and has resulted in the development of a dedicated Dementia Care Teams. 

The teams – consisting of employees, including management, clinical, and care staff – ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to dementia care and has been educated on the principles of Dementia Care Pathways. 

The program pathways have been integrated into high-risk meetings, where identified risks are appropriately triaged and referred to specialists as required, allowing for early intervention and targeted support to minimise the potential for inappropriate administration of psychotropic medications.  

The goal is to improve the quality of life for residents living with dementia through promoting their wellbeing.  

Graydn Spinks, Executive General Manager, Aged Care Services, said the Dementia Care Teams are highly motivated and committed to this research project.  

“They are proud of the work accomplished so far and are enthusiastic about the positive changes they have observed,” Graydn said. 

“The research project is progressing well, and UniSA anticipates finalising it by the end of this year and everyone is excited about the potential impact of the project and the anticipated positive outcomes on resident care.”  

Publication of the research project is provisionally scheduled for January 2024.