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AnglicareSA hosted the ever-popular Home Ownership Seminar in late November of last year.

In 2021 alone, over 100 potential homeowners have either attended a seminar or have been referred to HomeStart, to begin their journey into homeownership.

The Home Ownership Seminars take an all-inclusive approach on the homeownership journey, outlining the typical path one might take into homeownership. The Seminars further allow potential homeowners to be surrounded by other aspiring homeowners in a safe and open learning forum – bridging the gap that may present itself when one decides to take the path into owning a home.

From this, a total of seven AnglicareSA tenants have already transferred into homeownership in 2021, an amazing feat due in no small part to the experience gained from attending Home Ownership Seminars hosted by AnglicareSA.