Why volunteer with AnglicareSA?

Volunteers are integral to the success of AnglicareSA.  As a volunteer you are helping South Australians from all walks of life. Your contribution is truly valued by the organisation:  staff, the clients and residents using our services.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to gain both new skills and work experience and the ability to give back to the community.

Studies have shown that giving your time to help others can be good for your own health, wellbeing and social skills.

Who can volunteer with AnglicareSA?

AnglicareSA welcomes anyone who is willing to share skills, expertise, passion and time to express your interest in volunteering.  Our goal is always to match your interest and skills to the most appropriate volunteer role available.

What kind of work can volunteers do?

AnglicareSA offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities including: aged care assistance, meal preparation and catering, emergency assistance, childcare assistance, disability support, gardening, administrative work,  op-shop sales, style assistant and youth work to name a few.

What current opportunities are available?

A list of current volunteering opportunities available throughout AnglicareSA can be found on the register your interest page.

What type of commitment is expected of volunteers?

The role is completely dependent on the time that you want to commit and varies across the organisation. When looking for a volunteer role it is important to find a role where the commitment suits your availability.

Are there short-term or one-off volunteer opportunities?

If you are not able to commit to volunteering on an ongoing basis, there are occasional short-term or one-off opportunities available which will be advertised on the AnglicareSA web site.

Will I need to be interviewed?

Yes.  It’s important that you meet with the program coordinator of the service you are interested in volunteering. This provides you the opportunity to asses that the role you are considering is a good match for you and for the clients you are interested in working with.

Will I need to undergo any background police checks?

As a volunteer you will be working with vulnerable clients and residents and will therefore be required to undergo a National Police History Check.  In addition some volunteering roles will require you to undergo a Department of Communities & Social Inclusion (DCSI) clearance. This is to ensure the safety for all our clients, staff and volunteers.  All police clearances will be at AnglicareSA cost.

What if I have previous criminal history?

This should not stop you from wanting to volunteer.  AnglicareSA will assess criminal history records on a case by case basis.

Will I receive any training?

You will be invited to attend the Corporate Orientation Program which provides the opportunity to meet other new volunteers and employees. Additionally, you will have access to AnglicareSA online E3 learning so that a number of essential modules can be completed.

How will I be supported whilst volunteering with AnglicareSA?

At AnglicareSA we have staff dedicated to supporting volunteers to ensure that you have a positive, rewarding and worthwhile volunteering experience.

You will have ongoing contact with your program coordinator for advice, support and training.  As a volunteer, you will also have access to AnglicareSA pastoral care services in addition to the employee assistance program (EAP).