AnglicareSA welcomes the job creation grant scheme outlined in the 2016-17 State Budget, which offers business grants of up to $10,000 for each additional new worker.

Given South Australia’s recent unemployment figures and economic restructuring in Whyalla and Adelaide’s north, job creation initiatives are extremely important.

“Support of the state’s small to medium business sector is an essential boost for South Australia’s jobless and underemployed,” AnglicareSA CEO, The Rev’d Peter Sandeman said.

“Economic restructuring affects communities at their core and demographics such as income distribution, employment and social hierarchy.

“Job losses due to economic restructuring affect individuals in profound and extensive ways and can create generations of disadvantage.

“Efforts to halt the generational impact of joblessness and hopelessness are vital to the future of South Australia.”

But AnglicareSA’s support of this initiative is tempered with a series of questions about how far-reaching the impact will be.

Rev’d Sandeman believes that the focus for funding needs to be centred on those most disadvantaged in the workforce.

“It’s important that all South Australians have access to training and employment opportunities, but this access really needs to reach people in our community who are disadvantaged,” Rev’d Sandeman said.

“We want to ensure that refugees, older South Australians and displaced workers receive the support required to access training, attain jobs and maintain full employment.”