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Navigating the NDIS can be an overwhelming experience for many people.

Our experience in supporting people with their pre-planning  has helped us to understand how to be as prepared as you can be for your planning meeting. Here at AnglicareSA we want the best for everyone transitioning into the scheme.

To assist you with the planning journey we’ve put together some ideas to help you get the most out of our planning meeting.

Getting Ready for Your Meeting

  • The NDIS is designed to give people a greater say about where and how they receive support. It’s also focussed on helping people to achieve goals that are important to them or will help to make life easier. Talk through your goals and dreams with family, friends or carers that know you best.
  • Be very clear about your needs and goals. NDIS is here for you so take full advantage of it by being very specific about your goals. Write all of these down and go over them again and again to make sure you include everything that’s important to you.
  • You should also think about where you live and who lives with you; your community and mainstream supports; your disability supports and your daily routines and activities.
  • You can download a “Getting ready for your planning conversation” checklist from the NDIS website to help you with this.

More Helpful Tips

The first planning meeting is a very important one. To make you’re planning meeting go smoothly get all of your paper work together beforehand.

Some examples of documents you may need, include information about your medical, education and health situation.

  • When the day arrives take someone with you to the planning meeting. It is an important meeting and you don’t have to go alone. Take people that know and support you like friends, family, advocates or your support workers. Whoever you choose to take to your planning meeting will help you with explaining your situation.
  • Our NDIS Customer Advocates can help you with pre-Planning and accompany you to the planning meeting. To find out more call our NDIS Customer Advocates on 1800 953 001.