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In 2017, Nazri arrived in Adelaide as a refugee. Today, he stands proudly outside his own home with the peace of mind that he, his wife and young daughter have a stable and safe haven.

It was years ago that civil conflict in Myanmar (Burma) forced Nazri to flee his homeland to Malaysia. Fifteen years later, he eventually made it to Australia on refugee status.

“There was a lot of unrest in Burma,” he said.

“I came for more safety – for a better opportunity.”

On arrival in South Australia, AnglicareSA’s humanitarian settlement services supported Nazri with immediate accommodation and furniture.

He enrolled in an English language course at TAFE and was eventually provided a long-term AnglicareSA community housing property in Adelaide’s west.

“The first day I arrived [in Australia], I was focused on rebuilding my life. But I had the long-term aim to one day buy, because I see owning a home as happiness.”

Nazri and his young family are now enjoying life in his own home in Adelaide’s north.

A chef by trade, following the completion of English language courses, Nazri secured employment at a biscuit factory. Since, he’s worked around the clock to save and secure a strong future for his family.

With support from the AnglicareSA Housing team, Nazri gained more knowledge about home ownership. In March 2020, he proudly purchased his first home in Adelaide’s north.

“I haven’t rested since I’ve come to Australia,” he said.

“I’ve worked very hard for the last three years to get a house.”

Nazri with AnglicareSA Housing Options Coordinator, Ali Akbarpour.

Nazri is one of seven AnglicareSA community housing tenants who have gone on to purchase their own home in the last 12 months.

Nazri’s story is an example of how AnglicareSA can support and empower people with increased skills and knowledge to change their circumstances and secure a strong future.

He dreams of one day opening his very own Burmese and Malaysian inspired eatery in Adelaide.

What is the housing continuum?
The ‘housing continuum’ is a concept used by policy makers to consider the broad range of housing responses available to help a range of individuals and families to access affordable and appropriate housing. The concept enables policy makers to move away from a one-size-fits-all strategy of providing social housing, towards the range of housing options available to different households on a continuum from crisis housing right through to ownership or aged care facilities.