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Foster carers need to own their own home

False! It doesn't matter if you're renting or if you're a home owner - you simply need a spare room in your house, a stable housing situation and the ability to offer a safe and secure environment for a child.

Same sex couples can be foster carers

True! Of course they can! Couples in committed relationships, whatever their sexual orientation, can be potential Foster Carers.

Single people can't be foster carers

False! It doesn't matter if you're male or female, single people can be potential Foster Carers.

Full-time workers can't be long term foster carers

False! Full time workers can certainly be long term Foster Carers, we just ask that you take a small amount of time off work while the child is settling in to your home.

AnglicareSA is the largest provider of foster care placement and support in South Australia

True! AnglicareSA, as a partner of the State Government, recruits, assesses and provides training to foster carers. We also give ongoing support to carers once they are registered and we enable the best placement of children with foster families. We provide 24 hour support through daytime contact with a dedicated staff member in business hours as well as contact through an after-hours phone service as needed.

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Types of Foster Care

Foster care takes many forms and some types of care may be more

suited to your circumstances than others.

Emergency care

As little as a day or sometimes up to two weeks. Placements may be needed at short notice any time during the week, weeknights or weekends.

Temporary care

Short-term care required from two weeks through to two years. At the end of temporary care a child or young person may return to their family or be placed in long term care.

Respite care

Usually takes place on weekends or school holidays. Carers provide planned regular respite breaks for foster families and an extended support network for the child.

Long term care

For children and young people who need a family until their own family circumstances change or they turn 18.

Fresh Start

A long term therapeutic foster care program run by AnglicareSA in partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation. Foster carers work in a team with social workers and other professionals to help children heal from the effects of abuse, trauma or loss.


“These children need loving homes and families, the alternative for them is too devastating for good people to sit back and say it’s too hard.”  Jenni & Gary
AnglicareSA Foster Family

“When looking at the options I found there was a huge support network and training provided for me to become a carer which removed any daunting aspect to the process and the idea of fostering.”- Alex & Greg
AnglicareSA Foster Family

“I like watching them have new experiences, helping them with homework and being there when they reach their individual milestones. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” – John
AnglicareSA Foster Family

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