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What’s the Buzz is an evidence-based program developed by Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker which is now used in more than 130 countries to teach young people social and emotional intelligence. These skills can help young people to learn how to make friends, cope with hurtful feelings, solve problems and keep safe.

The program is divided into three age groups:

  • Early Learners (children aged 5-8 years)
  • Primary Students (children aged 9-11 years)
  • Teenagers (teenagers aged 12-15 years)

What you’ll learn

Students will engage in a variety of social activities and will hear stories of a much-loved character, Archie. In each lesson the children will have the chance to help Archie solve the very same social difficulties that happen in their lives. Through topics ranging from meeting new people and joining in, to angry feelings and dealing with worry, students will work towards the following outcomes:

  • Optimistically interpret human differences
  • Improve social connections; greetings, exiting, social feedback and social referencing
  • Begin and maintain relationships and friendships
  • Identify and work with one’s own emotions
  • Develop empathic ‘mind-reading’ capacities
  • Identify and constructively respond to behavioural dominance; put-downs, trash talk, bullying and cyberbullying and trolling
  • Self-regulate emotions more productively
  • Appreciate self-awareness and self-identity
  • Navigate tricky social situations more positively and resiliently

What’s included?

What’s The Buzz is a structured 16 lesson role-play and play-based program to explore the benefits of developing social skills and friendship.

We also offer a shortened version each school holidays where we cover six of the topics over four sessions.

Want to know more?

Contact us on  1800 953 001 to discuss upcoming course dates, locations and fees (fee for service or NDIS payment available) or fill out the form below.