AnglicareSA is expecting demand on its financial counselling service to increase over the coming weeks as individuals and families start receiving their first bills of 2016.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Beth Davidson-Park said the festive season and New Year are challenging times for household budgets and people from all walks of life can find themselves with money problems.

“Financial stress doesn’t just impact those who are less fortunate in the community, it can affect anyone,” Beth said.

“During December and the New Year AnglicareSA sees an increase in the number of people seeking our assistance to help get their family budgets under control.

“This can be an increase of anywhere from 20 to 30 per cent when compared to other times of the year. On one day alone this week we received 28 phone calls from people asking for financial counselling support.”

Beth said financial stress can be caused by a range of factors including increased credit card debt to cover the cost of gifts, post-Christmas sales and household bills.

“These household costs keep piling up in the New Year and sadly we see people having to make the choice between paying bills and putting food on the table,” Beth said.

“Families also need to start planning ahead, with additional costs for things such as school fees and uniforms only adding to what is a busy financial time of year.

“Organisations like AnglicareSA have financial counsellors who can provide information, support and advocacy to people in financial difficulty and we’re asking the public to seek out help if they need it as early as possible.”

Some important financial tips leading into the New Year include:

  • Plan ahead and start thinking about what bills are coming
  • If you’re going to Boxing Day sales write a list, set a budget and stick to it
  • If you are in financial trouble, seek assistance as early as possible
  • Contact your creditors – let them know what is happening and don’t just ignore the bills piling up

If anyone in the community would like to make an appointment to talk to someone about their finances they can call AnglicareSA on 1800 759 707 or visit