COVID-19 updates for the AnglicareSA community | Read more

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We’ve implemented measures to help keep our housing tenants and the community healthy and safe.

In keeping with social distancing protocols, we recommend reducing time in our reception areas and  only visiting our offices if it’s for an essential appointment.

In the case where a person attends one of our offices, we are required to follow government protocol. We’ll be clarifying prior to ensure:

  • the tenant or any person(s) they live with are all feeling physically well and healthy
  • the tenant or any person(s) have not visited hotspots in or outside of South Australia within the last 14 days
  • the tenant or any person(s) are not experiencing any symptoms of illness.

If you are unwell, we will discuss the alternatives with you.

We appreciate your continued understanding in this matter and assure you that our tenancy team is still here to support you.