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Media statement: COVID-19 emergency assistance demand 

AnglicareSA is experiencing unprecedented demand for emergency assistance at its Magdalene Centre in Adelaide. 

The majority of new people seeking assistance in the city are international students who have lost casual work as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and whose families can no longer provide financial support due to the impact of COVID-19 in their home countries. 

International students do not have access to JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments. 

AnglicareSA is funded to support people falling through the gaps because of the impacts of COVID-19, including international students. 

The massive increase in demand means that on some days we simply cannot see everyone who has attended our drop-in service for help.  In those circumstances we must turn people away and ask them to come back again the next day. 

International students attending our service are in financial crisis, with many living in unsafe conditions.  We will continue to work to assist all of those who seek our help. 

AnglicareSA’s emergency assistance services respond to practical needs and provide relief through the provision of food, clothing, pharmacy vouchers (for needed medication), shoe vouchers for children, blankets and other linen. We also link people to other services as required. 

Those seeking emergency assistance can also access our services at AnglicareSA’s Elizabeth Mission in the north and Outer Southern Hub at Christies Beach in the south.