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Sacred Little Ones supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families living with mental health and wellbeing struggles.

The group provides an opportunity for mothers/primary caregivers to connect with and nurture themselves and their little ones through song, dance-play and creative self-reflection time.

The aim is to enhance parent–infant interaction and strengthen mothers’/primary caregiver’s relationship with their little one.

The group is also for non – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers/primary caregivers living with mental health and well-being struggles with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children.

These groups are facilitated by specialist staff and clinicians and run for 16 weeks.

New enrolments

We are unable to accept new enrolments into the Acorn program at this time. If you would like us to contact you when a place becomes available, please register your interest via email,

What do we do

Dance – Play

Mothers/primary caregivers and their little ones are supported by the team to participate together in structured play, music and movement designed to strengthen their relationship and connection.

Yarning Circle

Yarning Circle is time for parents/caregivers to reflect and share their parenting experiences and ideas.

This is a time to explore and discover parenting strengths and struggles through creative writing, art and collage.

Individual Support Letters

Every week a letter is sent to each mother/ caregiver and their little one.

The letter notes special moments between mother/caregiver and little one and provides an opportunity for mother/caregiver to reflect on that week’s group session.

Who Can Access the Service

A request for service can be made by health and allied health professionals for mothers with children aged under 30 months whose diagnosed mental health difficulties impact on parent-infant attachment.