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What the service offers

At AnglicareSA we understand that mothers who experience mental health challenges such as postnatal depression, anxiety, or personality disorders, can struggle to form a healthy attachment to their baby or toddler.

Acorn Parent-Infant Attachment Groups allow mothers with mental health diagnoses to connect with their babies through shared play, music and movement.

These groups are facilitated by three specialist staff and clinicians and run for 15 weeks.

Who can access the service

Acorn Parent Infant Attachment Groups are designed to complement, rather than replace, existing mental health support.

A request for service can be made by health professionals for mothers with children aged under 30 months whose diagnosed mental health difficulties impact on parent-infant attachment.

We currently deliver nine Acorn groups across the greater Adelaide region.

Locations include: Aldinga, Darlington, Mt Barker, Norwood, Parafield Gardens, Pennington, Salisbury North, Windsor Gardens and in Adelaide’s south, a group for Aboriginal families called Sacred Little Ones.


Direct quotes from participants when asked the question: what would you say are the most significant changes in your parenting and family life as a result of attending the group?   “I understand my child’s needs a lot better. I’m more confident. I’ve learned a whole new, much gentler way of managing parenting challenges” — Lauren, Mt. Barker

“A safe place to express my thoughts and feelings and seek help when needed. It’s helped my social interaction. My baby has loved each component also. He has developed amazing social skills and confidence and finds it a lot of fun” — Elizabeth, Aldinga

“Focusing my attention on and playing with my daughter instead of getting distracted by things all the time like household chores. The bonding between my daughter and I. Feeling better about my ability as a parent, especially through the therapeutic letters I received” — Ali, Gawler

“Feeling better about myself & getting the emotional support I needed from others who have gone through very similar challenges to the ones I’ve faced throughout my life. My connection with my child gets stronger every day & I feel I can communicate my feelings to my husband with much greater confidence than ever before particularly in relation to the challenges I have faced with his anxiety & how it has affected our relationship” — Kate, Norwood

“I am a lot happier with myself and my parenting. I am more patient and understanding of my child’s needs and experiences” — Lucy, Darlington

Request For Service

Please send your completed Request for Service forms to [email protected] Download our Request for Service form here.