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Children’s earliest and most powerful learning comes from their family. Our HIPPY program supports you in your role as your child’s first teacher.

HIPPY (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) is a FREE two-year, home-based, early learning and parenting program for families with young children.

Through a structured education program, we empower and support you to be your children’s first teacher and develop foundations for success at school. HIPPY will enable you to teach your children literacy, numeracy and language skills as well as physical skills.

Most importantly, HIPPY encourages a love of learning, increases the likelihood of your children successfully transitioning to school, and helps to improve your relationship with your children.

How does the HIPPY program work?

As your child begins kindergarten, you will work through weekly/fortnightly packs of play-based, educational activities with your child. This helps you and your child feel confident, passionate and prepared for a successful start to school.

HIPPY engages you and your child in fun, play-based ‘everywhere learning’ activities that support a successful transition to school. The flexible program means you can take HIPPY packs to the park, restaurants or on holiday – any everyday situation.

‘Everywhere learning’ brings learning to everyday routines, giving your child opportunities to develop skills in different contexts. Counting and number recognition can be done while getting ready for dinner, at the supermarket, folding washing, or looking at road signs.

You are given the chance to shape your child’s learning opportunities around their strengths and interests. You can also encourage other family members to get involved.

According to HIPPY Australia, out of the children graduating from HIPPY in 2019:

  • 98% perform above average in abstract pre-numeracy skills
  • 90% of parents reported that their child was school-ready because of HIPPY
  • 93% of parents report overwhelming enjoyment of HIPPY by their children
  • 80% parents reported spending more quality time with their children
  • 84% of HIPPY parents felt that HIPPY had helped them connect with their local community

How HIPPY changes lives

A mother of a four-year-old boy who recently enrolled with AnglicareSA in the program is very grateful for how HIPPY has transformed her and her son’s life.

Before starting HIPPY, she was struggling to find ways to engage her son in learning and playing – he was very nervous and chronically biting his nails to the point of injury.

Through the HIPPY program, the mother was provided with the activities, encouragement and advice she needed. She has since discovered to approach her son in different ways and to ask questions that encourages his learning and sense of self. She has seen a huge improvement in her son’s behaviours as he has become more outgoing and is no longer biting his nails.

How can I do HIPPY with my child?

Please follow the three questions below to find out whether HIPPY is a possibility for you and your child.

1. Do you live in the City of Onkaparinga, or the City of Elizabeth?

AnglicareSA is one of many organisations delivering HIPPY across Australia — we work with families living in Onkaparinga and Elizabeth.

If you live in another council area of Adelaide, visit the HIPPY Australia website to find out if HIPPY is running near you.

2. Is your child aged four before May?

To enrol in the HIPPY program, your child must be aged four before the first of May.

3. Do you and your family meet the HIPPY priority criteria?

Priority is given to families who have not completed HIPPY before and meet one of the following conditions:

  • the family holds a Health Care Card
  • the child is Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • the child resides in out-of-home care.
  • the family has no source of income or are receiving a form of government support payment as their primary source of income.
  • single parent families
  • the HIPPY child lives with a carer (ie. not a parent)
  • the main language spoken at home is not English

Get in touch

Fill out the form below or contact your local HIPPY coordinator:

Lorelle, Elizabeth Coordinator – 8209 5743

Stephanie, Onkaparinga Coordinator – 8186 8942­


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