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Robert ‘Bob’ Boagey has lived many lives in his 100 years.

From World War II machine gunner to owning a post office, migrating to Australia, and working at Holden’s Elizabeth plant.

The great-grandfather fondly looks back on his long life and has spent years typing out his life story and memories.

Bob says his career with the British Army, including service in Europe during World War II and throughout the deserts of Africa, informed much of the rest of his life including a love for Land Rovers and wine.

“My army service did me a lot of good, I wouldn’t wish a war on anybody, but I revelled in the army life,” he says.

During his 12 years of service in the army, Bob was awarded the Military Medal for courage and devotion to duty serving in Italy in 1944.

In 1952, Bob and his family bought a post office and general store in North Yorkshire where they lived and worked for 15 years. Bob, his wife Grace, and their sons Lance and Neil later migrated to South Australia where Bob began a long career at Holden’s Elizabeth plant.

 “I’d never been in a factory in my life and had to walk in and start working there,” he says.

“Part of my job was to turn out the biggest panels of the car, I really enjoyed a lot of it.”

In his spare time, Bob went off on four-wheel drive holidays throughout Australia and helped to run community clubs including the Society of Yorkshiremen Elizabeth and Land Rover Owners Club of Australia, South Australia Branch.

“At one point, I was secretary to five different clubs in Elizabeth,” he says.

Bob recently celebrated his 100th birthday with not one, but two birthday parties at AnglicareSA’s Elizabeth Dutton Court residential aged care site.

“Some people I’d not seen for years, and years and it was an absolutely fabulous night,” he says.

And the secret to living to 100?

“I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t stubborn. You’ve got to be your own master,” Bob says with a smile.