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From the moment you enter the home of AnglicareSA home care customer Antonia, you are welcomed with open arms and treated like family.

On this particular day however, Antonia was even more thrilled to throw open her front door as it was a visit from her favourite AnglicareSA volunteer, Cielo.

Antonia, who moved to Australia from Malta 72 years ago, and Cielo, who has been in Australia for four years since relocating from Colombia, formed an instantaneous bond and connection through culture and caring for others.

“I love her,” Antonia beams with pride sitting around the table in the home she and her late husband built.

“She is like family to me and when she visits me, I feel alive and we just talk – I really appreciate what she is doing for me.

Antonia and Cielo stand together looking at photos on the mantelpiece.

“She isn’t here as a carer. It means a lot to me that she comes and we spend time together.”

Cielo sought out volunteering opportunities after arriving in Australia as a way to help her forge her new life in a new country and community.

Initially filling roles in administration, she knew she had so much more to offer and asked if there was a way of visiting someone’s home to spend time with them.

“Coming to visit Antonia is just different,” Cielo said. “Every time is different. You learn a lot and you leave here with so much energy – just incredible.

“It’s about a connection and it does just as much for me as it does for Antonia, our bond helps us both.”

AnglicareSA volunteer coordinator Sadie Sandery also enjoys gathering at Antonia’s house with Cielo for a cup of tea and great conversation.

She said the social impact of volunteers complemented the services and care provided by the home care teams.

Antonia and Cielo hug each other while sitting on the couch.

“It just speaks to the heart and core of all of AnglicareSA’s values what we stand for, and to be part of that is just incredible.”

For Antonia, who dedicated much of her life volunteering for various organisations, clubs, and associations in Adelaide, it’s simply nice to help people.

“It doesn’t matter what culture, where you come from, or what language you speak, we are all the same and there should be love and respect and we should be helping people.

“If you can help someone then just do it.” 

At AnglicareSA, we’re proud to have around 300 volunteers who give their time to support people in need. Volunteers are an integral part of our support services — their generosity and commitment enable us to deliver a broad range of services to the South Australian community.

You can Register Your Interest online here, or alternatively view our current volunteer opportunities here.