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AnglicareSA welcomes the State Government’s $76M commitment to housing construction stimulus in South Australia, including opportunities to promote social and affordable housing.

Following the release of the State Budget, AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman said the stimulus represents an opportunity to create sustainable housing options for vulnerable South Australians.

“In the wake of COVID-19, this is an opportunity to stimulate our construction industry – providing much-needed jobs for South Australians – as well as work to house those experiencing homelessness,” he said.

“By investing in social and affordable housing, we can ensure that those experiencing financial hardship have access to long-term, sustainable accommodation. And together with appropriate support, we can ensure they do not slip into homelessness.

“If we seize these opportunities now, we can emerge from the pandemic as a fair, kinder state that prioritises both economic development and social good.”

In addition to the much-needed housing stimulus, Mr Sandeman welcomed $4M in funding to Aboriginal Community Housing Ltd, which will create 40 long-term housing options for Aboriginal elders at risk.

“There is no doubt that Aboriginal elders are over-represented in the homelessness space,” he said

“This commitment from the State Government will ensure that culturally appropriate accommodation is available and a safe place for a long-term stay is accessible.”

However, Mr Sandeman said there is always more to be done.

“While we understand the priority that has been placed on tourism, infrastructure and other economic drivers, we cannot lose sight of those South Australians who need extra support.

“We can always do more. Now, more than ever, our community must prioritise long-term support for vulnerable South Australians.

“AnglicareSA will continue to work with the State Government to create sustainable housing options for South Australians in need.”