AnglicareSA has welcomed the Federal Government’s $100 million package to help combat domestic violence.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Jackie Howard said increased government funding is vital in combatting violence against women and children.

“We’re hearing and seeing increased instances of cases where domestic violence is occurring, which highlights the need for integrated programs and educational initiatives to be adequately funded to respond in a timely and appropriate way.”

Federal Government figures show that one in six Australian women has experienced violence from a current or former partner, and 63 women have been killed so far this year.

“These are just the cases we know of, but there are countless other cases where women and children are too afraid to speak up or can’t access the help that they need.”

“AnglicareSA provide support to over 500 families annually through a variety of programs engaging victims and perpetrators of domestic and family violence, and funding plays a critical role in managing these programs.

“Having coordinated legal, social work and cultural liaison services in a single location means that those who need these services have much easier access to them in the one spot which will ultimately lead to better service delivery. The $15 million of funding is a step in the right direction to achieve this.

“We also welcome the $14 million expansion of the DV-alert programme which will ensure that those on the front line are equipped to provide the help and support that is desperately needed.

“Today’s announcement allows for a much needed increase in tools and resources to help combat domestic violence.

“It will ensure increased capacity to better manage and offer services, while at the same time raise public awareness and encourage those who experience or witness domestic violence to come forward and seek help.”

Safe communities will be realised through increased awareness and understanding of violence and its causes, a shared vision held by communities for safe and respectful relationships, and swift and appropriate responses when safety is violated.